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Personally has eight years of experience in online traffic monitoring and traffic filtering technology. We can help clients analyse their various data sources to give better understanding of traffic sources and their quality and help put advertisers in better control of their advertising budgets.

Through using our proprietary algorithms and processes, our technology gives advertisers the opportunity to gain insights into their traffic sources.

Our algorithms have:

  • Automated fraud detection controls to catch spider-generated traffic
  • Automatic flagging of high or concentrated traffic activity
  • Ability to whitelist or blacklist traffic sources, or use a combination of both
  • Automated monitors that help capture and block non-converting traffic using factors such as IP address, referrer, time and date
  • Bespoke reporting system, tailored to each client and their specific needs. This can include raw data, traffic trends and comparisons, and up-to-date graphical representations
  • Daily reporting of whitelist and blacklist activity for auditing purposes

Our traffic monitoring and traffic filtering system is the perfect solution for e-commerce and online marketing as it can automatically detect and block fraudulent traffic on the fly, without the need for manual analysis, ensuring your traffic is at the most cost-effective that it can be.

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